I liked the show because the actors played very well their parts. They explained the scene so that we understand better and we better appreciate the scene. The setting was well achieved, we really had the impression to be in the cabaret. What I liked most is that the play was very interactive because it is better for the understanding. The actors did not stay on stage, they went in the public. The fact that Curtis was chosen by Sylvia is very good because that made the performance more alive. The costumes were good for this show.

Jérôme , 2nde B

The show was good, it was funny, there was suspense and participation with the public. If I had to judge the performance of the actors, I think Christopher the Clown was better than the others. Christopher was doing a lot of interaction with the public, he was funny. The magician was discreet and the dancer was not bad.
At first, the show was very funny, then in the middle there were a lot of scenes where we saw the proofs of the murder. This added some suspense as in the end the public had to guess who the murderer is. It involved the public to be a detective.
All in all, the show was good !

Mullick, 2nde B