The film speaks about music in the town. It takes place in Sweden. There is a musician girl who wants to make concert for all in the town. She gets the best musicians for the band and prepares a « terrorist » musical attack. The policeman who has to catch them doesn’t like music but all his family like and play music. His name is Amadeus. The policeman becomes crazy because he hears music, blood comes out oh his ears. After finding the group, he decides to create a soundless concert with the girl and her group. The music has no sound but is visual. Il like this film because it is original, the show was goood, funny and there was suspense. I find that the actors act well and are very good musicians. The part in the hospital was very funny with the music played with the handsand the body of a man. The caharacters were a little crazy about music. I don’t understand  why Amadeus has blood coming out of his ears and why he doesn’t hear music. I find this paranormal ; and the moment when Amadeus gives a punk CD to his brother who is a conductor of a classical orchestra was very funny.
Rayan, 2B